Pure Mathematics. Applied.

A Vision for technology of the future.

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Mathscapes Research is committed to advance in the field of algorithm design through cutting-edge mathematical research. Also, through algorithms, our pursuit is to transform the way the world engages with technology.

Often the most simple looking problems are the hardest. We must not just find a solution but strive to discover the most optimal. We explore and push the possibilities of algorithms through mathematical optimization. Mathematics allows us to theorize the patterns, conjectures, and design optimal algorithms. It serves as the foundation to support verticals for both abstraction and logic, making it as a dominant language to reveal and also design the schema and behavior of algorithms.

We speak Mathematics.
Beyond space-time complexity

While our primary focus is to decode and design optimal algorithms based on its space and time complexity to give best of the throughput ratio, we see algorithmic complexity beyond just space and time and how Mathematics can be used to understand and help other possible parameters that may be critical for the context.

The Company

Started in 2008, Mathscapes first began as a project to design optimal algorithms to solve interesting CS problems. Since then, the core research has been in prime numbers and data compression. Mathscapes was later registered as a private company in India in 2017 as Mathscapes Research Pvt Ltd. Since then, we are gearing up to announce about our ongoing research and rolling in our programs for businesses, students and interested people to encourage, learn and leverage mathematics and algorithmic capabilities in their contexts.

About the Founder

Gaurav Singh is a Maths/CS researcher, who thinks and lives algorithms. After completing his degree in Computer Science & Engineering, he studied Innovation and Experience Design. From an independent full stack programmer in the past, he is evolving his practice towards research in the field of computer science and mathematics. He endeavors to create a positive perception of mathematics and technology by highlighting how tightly they are weaved into our world and affect us, which is also the basis of the Mathscapes vision. His area of interest lies in Human-Computer Interaction, Prime Numbers, Lossless Data Compression, Artificial Intelligence, Automata, Dynamic Programming.

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