Release notes: Spacefill 0.2

2023-05-17 / Design


Add a creative touch to your work with Spacefill, which creates seamless and unique background patterns by combining geometric shapes and tiling styles. With Spacefill, you can generate graphics in real-time, giving you access to a range of tiling patterns.

Spacefill for Adobe Express

> Only available to Adobe Express beta users

0.2.7: 20.05.23
Added new patterns
Minor fixes

0.2.4: 18.05.23
Added new patterns

0.2.2/3: 17.05.23
Improved drag and drop support
Added drag and drop support

0.2.0: 16.05.23
Fixed slow loading
Refined overall UI
Refactored implementation
Optimised pattern drawing logic
Added keyboard navigation
Added preloading screen