Release notes: Bloom 0.1

2023-04-30 / Design


Announcing the release of Bloom 0.1, now available on the Figma. Bloom is a tool that allows users to create and manipulate L-systems, a type of formal grammar used to generate geometric structures. The tool provides an interface for users to input L-system grammars and set parameters such as the initial axiom, number of iterations, and angle of rotation. It then generates a visual representation of the L-system, which can be viewed in 2D space. L-systems are a powerful tool for generating self-similar fractals and organic shapes, and the visualizer tool makes it easy for users to explore and experiment with these structures. The tool is inspired by the work of Aristid Lindenmayer, the Hungarian theoretical biologist and botanist who introduced L-systems in 1968 to describe the behavior of plant cells and model plant development.

Bloom for Figma

0.1.7: 11.06.23
Minor fixes

0.1.6: 30.04.23
Added basic examples and preview images
Dark mode, minor UI updates
Added checks to validate grammar before drawing

We hope you enjoy Bloom. Please feel free to share your feedback with us and let us know what you think. Thank you for using Bloom!