Release notes: Geometric 0.1

2020-04-12 / Design


Announcing the release of Geometric 0.1, now available on the Figma. Geometric is a simple add-on that enables the creation of complex math shapes and curves in Figma quickly. You can choose from various shapes like Polar Rose, Trigonometric functions, Polygons, Spirals, Superellipse, and Astroid. You can control parameters to customize the shape.

Geometric for Figma

0.1.7: 10.06.23
Fixed an issue that prevented network access in Firefox to download plugin assets

0.1.6: 28.05.23
No more closed vector paths in trig shapes The new shape is always dropped to viewport center. And its size is adjusted as a function of viewport width.

0.1.5: 27.05.23
Minor bug fixes and new capability to vary resolution
Moved image assets to CDN

0.1.4: 12.04.20
New shapes - Logarithmic spiral, Polygon, Superellipse and Astroid.
Added about page and image hints for each shape.
Minor UI improvements to make it easier to use Geometric.

We hope you enjoy Geometric. Please feel free to share your feedback with us and let us know what you think. Thank you for using Geometric!