Training and Resources

Equipping people with tools to think and build technology of the future

Training is our new program to provide education for individuals or teams working or interested in the field of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Human-Computer Interaction.

The current programs are offered on a remote basis and can be joined on a rolling basis. The program is expected to be rigorous and demanding regarding efforts that are required to be put to learn and complete the objectives of the program. The program content would be changing from time to time and not just be about teaching concepts within a topic but also exploring it in detail.

Rolling programs

New Number Theory: A classical study of numbers

  • Duration: 6 Weeks (Requires about 12 hrs/week + 3 hrs/week of contact time)
  • Prerequisites: High School Mathematics
  • Cost: ₹12000

This program looks at some of the key works done in the field of number theory in the nineteenth century including Unique factorizations, Quadratic Gauss sums, Diophantine equations, Zeta function, Algebraic number theory and computations within number theory. The understanding of classical number theory will be the key for many things like expanding our understanding of prime numbers, numerical analysis, cryptography, analyzing algorithmic complexity, number fields, and many others.

New Introduction to Python Programming

  • Duration: 4 Weeks (Requires about 10 hrs/week + 2 hrs/week of contact time)
  • Prerequisites: Elementary Mathematics
  • Cost: ₹5000

This program is the first unit for getting started with Python or computer programming in itself for general purpose computing or scientific research. This unit covers Fundamentals of Computer Programming, Python grammar, Python data types and Numeric and Mathematical Modules.

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