Advancing in the field of Algorithm Design

Research is at the core of what we do. Our spirit of study is deeply rooted in mathematical rigor and experimentation, and we envision to make a positive impact through our contribution to the field of algorithm design.

Our core research in the past has been in understanding the nature of prime numbers and data compression. We are beginning to disseminate our evolving research work and preparing to put together for publishing through journals and conferences. We are actively seeking to collaborate on exciting possibilities at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, and human-computer interaction.

Ongoing work

New Designing a new predictive Model of Human Motor System

This study evaluates various predictive models of the human motor system and studies a new parameter - visual contrast as a function of the index of difficulty in the Shannon formulation given by Scott MacKenzie for Human-Computer Interaction. You may learn more about existing predictive models in Motor Behaviour Models for Human-Computer Interaction (by I. Scott MacKenzie).

Designing efficient and fast Primality tests

Studying various primality tests for their efficiency and explore if PRIMES is P-Complete. The project also explores relevant topics that help expand our understanding of Prime Numbers.

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