Sigmoid — Open Toolkit for teaching AI in K-12

This project explores the possibilities of teaching AI to schoolchildren (K-12). We are exploring its relevance in K-12 education space — including questions like if we need teaching about AI in K-12 and if it is, what are some meaningful ways to incorporate AI in the existing school curriculum. In a conscious attempt to present a neutral standpoint and accessible method, a paper-based teaching-toolkit is proposed to have open-ended participation from all children. This experimental toolkit intends to break down the complexities of AI, using concepts such as order and chaos, understanding patterns, ethics, and biases. Introducing visual/graphical mathematics could bring in clarity of understanding both mechanisms and behavior, and a sentient acceptance of patterns and models. Given multiple interpretations of intelligence, this intervention will also enable children to define it themselves as subjective to their analysis.


  1. Exploration 1 by Simran Singh in 2019: Summarised in Summer of 2019 Book also by Simran Singh (Available on request)