Prakhar Ojha

Prakhar Ojha is a practitioner of Human Centered Design with focus on Multi-Disciplinary Innovation and interaction design. He observes and creates hypotheses around human behaviour on a day to day basis. According to him, designers should focus on the problem more than the solutions, especially in the (conformist) times we live in. As a co-founder, he intends to raise the temper of design in the nooks and corners of the country through Mimo56 Design Lab. He has been working in the digital product ecosystem since 2015, where he has helped various businesses to transform digitally. He has worked on b2b, b2c and b2b2c solutions and worked on projects around sustainable carbon living, ethics and compliance, data migration, social network for product influencers and many more. Prakhar along with his work life, strives in pursuits of art, music, philosophy and psychology.

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