Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh is a researcher and educator who thinks and lives algorithms. He spends most of his time studying algorithms through the lens of maths and engages with recreational mathematics otherwise. Gaurav is interested in showing how closely mathematics and technology are woven into our world and affect us.

Since 2008, he has been running Mathscapes, a lab to support him and collaborate with others who share the vision of pushing mathematics to study the world around us. He started Mimo56 with his friends Swati Sharma and Prakhar Ojha in 2015, a design lab that works across disciplines to help people build digital interfaces. He teaches and runs the Experimental Maths lab at Srishti Manipal Institute to support anyone interested in Maths. Gaurav has also volunteered his time and expertise as Design Copilot at Topcoder Inc. for the last few years.