Geometric — Make math shapes and curves

Geometric was conceptualized and created by Mathscapes in 2020 and launched for Figma community. The basic idea is to extend graphic design apps from drawing primitive shapes to more complex mathematical/geometric patterns, shapes or curves through as minimal interaction as possible.

The plugin works in two steps: Selecting a shape from a list, and tweaking a few parameters specific to the selected shape, and the plugin creates a SVG shape by running the user input to a equivalent mathematical function.

Who might want to use this plugin:

At the moment, making mathematical shapes within graphic design softwares is largely manual work, or requires more fluency with keyboard shortcuts or hacks to make complex shapes. Many people who we know rely on programming to construct vector based shapes and then importing in their design workflow, which is more flexible and offers them to create anything they like. Geometric might help some of them and more so to the people who may not be exposed or skilled in programming but still like to make these patterns within their designs. At the core, Geometric can be distilled as a mathematical function generator or pattern generator.

Keywords: Maths, Geometric, Patterns

Release 1

Figma   Adobe XD

Release 2

Scheduled in March 2022