Front matter

  1. Preface

Chapter 1 – Setting up the stage

  1. Ethics and Values — Fundamental ideas that shape our decisions
  2. Visual System — Rules and resources for consistency in graphic design
  3. Mathscapes — A LISP inspired programming dialect that favors mathematical expression
  4. Notebook — Schematics and mechanics of data storage and retrieval at Mathscapes
  5. Graphverse — A tool to visualize and archive complex systems as knowledge graphs
  6. Discoverdrome — Reimagining Learning Spaces for future
  7. Fusion Microstock — A concept platform to share interactive explainers made from best of technical publications
  8. Geometric — Make math shapes and curves
  9. Sigmoid — Open Toolkit for teaching AI in K-12
  10. OpenHCI — Open resource to learn about Human-Computer Interaction
  11. Together with Touch — A collaboration with Lena Heubeush, Avril Stormy Unger, Nikhil Nagaraj and Walkin Studios
  12. Summer of 2019 — Simran's work at Mathscapes
  13. SVideo — Synced video playback with Raspberry Pi boards / A collaboration with Debanshu Bhaumik
  14. Raw Code — An experimental 8-bit type that is itself

Back matter

  1. People