Hello! I'm Gaurav Singh. I think and live algorithms, and use Maths to decode and design.


Founder of Mathscapes (2008-Present)

Cofounder of M56 (2015-Present)

Copilot/Reviewer at Topcoder (2018-Present)

Faculty/Researcher at Srishti (2017-Present)

Research Assistant at Srishti (2016)


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Gaurav Singh is a Maths/CS researcher, who thinks and lives algorithms. After completing his degree in Computer Science & Engineering, he studied Innovation and Experience Design. From an independent full stack programmer in the past, he is evolving his practice towards research in the field of computer science and mathematics. He endeavors to create a positive perception of mathematics and technology by highlighting how tightly they are weaved into our world and affect us, which is also the basis of the Mathscapes vision.

Research Interest ★ Prime Numbers, Human-Computer Interaction, Lossless Data Compression, Artificial Intelligence, Automata, Dynamic Programming

What is Design to me?

“Our world is unavoidably complex. And to design is not to avoid complexity but to embrace complexity. The process of design deals with this complexity and translates it into illusion of simplicity.”



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  • Srishti 2017-18 EC2 UG: User Experience Design for emerging technologies

  • Srishti 2017-18 EC1 UG: Visual Thinking Workshop

  • Srishti 2017-18 EC1 PG: Interaction Design for Screens

  • Srishti 2017-18 EC1 UG: Physical Computing

  • Srishti 2017-18 EC1 UG: Maths for Programming

  • Srishti 2017-18 EC1 UG: Interaction Design 2

  • Published paper in Springer, Cham in IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2017; ReRide - A Platform to Explore Interaction with Personal Data Before, During, and After Motorcycle Commuting. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-68059-0_43



  • Srishti 2016-17 EC1 UG: Object Oriented Design Workshop

  • Srishti 2016-17 EC1 PG: Interaction Design beyond screens

  • Srishti 2016-17 EC1 UG: Interaction Design 1

  • Srishti 2016-17 EC1 UG: Embedded Emerging Technologies into Materials

  • Srishti 2016-17 EC1 UG: Digital Interfaces



  • M56 Lab 2015: Creative Coding with Processing



  • Published paper in ACM-DL in IndiaHCI2014; SnapTag: Leveraging Situated Memory to enhance self-efficacy for well-being. Authored by Suraj Baadkar, Gaurav Singh, Atul Saraf, Naveen Bagalkot at S.labs http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2676702.2676719

  • 2014: UI Design 101 with Adobe Illustrator

  • 2014: Computer Programming from ground up



  • C++/Java Workshop for enterprise software development

  • Developing Dart Apps

  • Java Programming

  • Developing CMS



  • Invited at Orlando, Florida, USA to compete in TopCoder Open 2012 Finals - Rank #6 Studio Track



Invited at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA to compete in TopCoder Open 2011 Finals - Rank#11 Studio Track