About Mathscapes


Started in 2008 by Gaurav Singh, Mathscapes is becoming a medium to facilitate and communicate ideas in maths. Our goal is to explore natural science, humans, and computing through Maths. And we plan to do this by developing open-source tools and resources to help us in our study. Our upcoming and principal tool – Mathscapes, is a domain-specific and LISP styled programming dialect, designed for teaching and engaging with computation, which favors mathematical expression. You can learn about other projects from our notebook and our profiles at Instagram and Twitter.

We want more people to experience maths, and how it can make a good medium to understand our physical world. We use maths to examine algorithms around us – not just how efficient they are, but their complex aspects that govern micro and macro effects on human and nature. And constantly asking ourselves if advancing technology will inevitably create social conflicts. While we have not yet arrived at the most definitive principles, we have captured a gist into our values and ethics.

Mathscapes has been supported from personal funds until now, and we have been awarded a grant from Adobe Fund for Design (2021) to develop our work. We are now planning ways in which like minded people and organizations can also support us. We believe in collaboration and always look out for interesting people to work with. As a part of our commitment, we are open to commissioned work, collaboration and internships for students. If you are interested in working with us or if just want to say hi, please write to us.

More on this page will be updated soon.